Brunant is known for having had a rich history of nobility. Originally important families were like nobles but later on the King bestowed titles of noblility to those who have served him well. Some were hereditary, but most of them weren't. The hereditary titles are now the major ones, while the minor ones are often associated with a role or office.

De grote achtEdit

The "Grote Acht"- the Great Eight- were eight of the most important families who attended the Convention of Grijzestad and helped achieve Brunanter independence. Of these, the Sneijders, Boskercks, Niehorsters, Neyts and v.d. Ecke's had members who served as presidents of the Brunanter Republic.

De Grote Acht
Family Patriarch Coat of Arms
Boskerck Rudolf Boskerck the Elder Boskerck family COA
De Bryas Philippe de Bryas De Bryas Family COA
Diedericks Nicolaes Diedericks Diedericks family COA
Neyt Adriaan Neyt Neyt coa
Niehorster Hans Niehorster Niehorster family COA
Sneijder Marten Sneijder Sneijder Family COA
Van Damme Gerhard van Damme Van Damme family COA
Van der Ecke family Hieronymus van der Ecke Van der Ecke family COA

The nobilityEdit

When the Kingdom of Brunant was founded the monarchs, starting with Leuvis Van Damme, began handing out titles to people who have served them well. This included some of the "grote acht", but also several others. The nobility in this period were often members of the Royal Cortes. There were a few hereditary nobles but after 1710, Marten I abolished the further appointment of hereditary titles. Nobles appointed since then have been given only lifetime titles, and the titles of extinct lines have passed to the monarch.

Other titlesEdit

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