Nicolas Diedericks

Hr. Nicolaes Diederichs by Joh. Neyt the Elder, 1633

Nicolaes Diedericks (1389-1438) was a Brunanter politician and a Founding father. His name was also spelled Nicolas, and his surname often appeared as Diederichs.


Diedericks was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands to a Dutch family of German origin. He came to Brunant in 1419, settling in Grijzestad. Diedericks soon got the important job of being the mayor's assistant. In 1427 he was one of the men who attended the Convention of Grijzestad and signed the Declaration of Independence. In 1430 he was made mayor of Brunant, and held the post until his death in 1438.


Though Diedericks was never one of the famous founding fathers he became the patriarch of the Diedericks family who would come to dominate politics in the city of Brunant for over 300 years.

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