National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
National War Monument
Lnational war monument
Location Koningstad, Brunant
Type Historical
Selected 1981

The National War Monument is a monument to people who served and died fighting for Brunant in its major wars. Located in Cathedral Plaza, Koningstad, it commemorates those who served in the Brunanter Civil War, the Franco-Brunanter War, Carrington's Invasion of Brunant, the WWI expeditionary force and during the German invasion of Brunant and its liberation in 1945.


The monument's construction began in June 1919. A contest was held in the spring to chose a design for the monument and it was won by Charles and Anna Bownton, who were a husband and wife team of designers. Unlike other military monuments in Europe, Brunant's was fairly small and simple.

The monument was finished November of that same year and was unveiled by Prince Hendrik on 11 November for the first anniversary of the war armistice.


In the middle of the monument, there is a pillar whch represent the angel of peace and there are four other figures holding up wreaths, All along the bottom of the monument, there is the name of all the battles where Brunanter soldiers participated. The ones for World War II were added in 1946.

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