Nadia Salman (January 25, 1981, Koningstad) is a famous Brunanter singer, actress and well-known fashion model.


Nadia Salman was born in the Arabian Quarter in Koningstad to Abdulfattah and Khadija Salman, who originated from Lebanon. Her father is the son of famous actor Ali Salman.

Salman began her career as a model in 1999. In 2001, she starred in the television show De Piraat, playing the role of Mohamed Reis's lover. She was hired for several movies afterwards. She released her first album in 2008, to much critical acclaim. She married Chester FC footballer Dirk Schaertsen in 2006 and they have one son, Leuvis. She is currently co-starring in the documentary The Scribe, a story telling about the success of Scribe Paper and Gift.

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