Motorway map

Map of the motorways in Brunant


The A1 sign

Brunant has a number of motorways on five different island. They have often more than two lanes and have speed limits of over 100 kph. Motorways are categorized in A-leveled and B-leveled motorways.


Major roads in Brunant were historically two-lane, from the medieval roads of the 14th century to the mid 20th-century. What is now the major A1 road was first built from 1949 to 1951 as the Autoway, the longest paved road, connecting five major towns and cities, though still only two lanes. Many others were still unpaved and not very well maintained.

The system of paved, divided highways began work in 1968, with the A1 being remodeled as a controlled-access motorway by 1971.


A-level motorwaysEdit

A-level highways are routes that have a high volume of traffic and are frequently used. A-roads have controlled access, meaning they do not directly intersect or merge with other roads. There are only three of them: the A1 (Cape Cross-Koningstad-Niesburg-Sint-Willemstad), the A2 (Grunbeck-Charles Town-Sint-Anders and the A3 (Chester-Grijzestad-Grunbeck). These highways have a 120 kph top speed, although the A1 had speeds of up to 165 kph in certain areas until 2017.

Sign Name Route
A1 A1 Cape Cross - Koningstad/Dortmund - Niesburg - Sint-Willemstad
A2 A2 Sint-Anders - Charles Town - Grunbeck
A3 A3 Chester - Grijzestad - Grunbeck

B-level motorwaysEdit

B-level highways are minor highways that are found around Brunant. These often have only two-lanes/sides and are limited to 100 kph. B-level roads are normally two-laned, though may have certain trajectories with four, such as on the B4.

Sign Name Route
B1 B1 Cape Cross - Roodstad
B2 B2 Roodstad - Niesburg - Carrington
B3 B3 Nieuw Helmond - Boguestown - Littles
B4 B4 Roodstad - Nieuw Helmond - Donderstad - Sint-Willemstad
B5 B5 Sint-Willemstad - Sint-Hendrikstad
B6 B6 Middleton - Adamstown
B7 B7 Sint-Anders - Grijzestad
B8 B8 Grijzestad - Chester
B9 B9 Rosetown - Narvas
35px B10 Brunantstad - Swantown

National RoutesEdit

National Routes are the third-level roads in Brunant. These are among the oldest in Brunant, some dating to the medieval period. These are all two-lane roads and are slower yet more scenic than the modern motorways.

Sign Name Route
 NR-8  National Route 8 Belcava - Brezonde - Swintley - Cape Cross - Denia - Sant-Felix
 NR-12  National Route 12 Carrington - Castle Baily - Arstad - Orust - Drenthe