Moscatel is a type of of wine made from the Muscat grape. It is produced in Portugal and Spain, as well as in Brunant, where it is grown and produced in the Chester Valley. Brunanter moscatels are produced in two varieties, from red and white grapes.


Red MoscatelEdit

Red moscatels are produced from Black Hamburg grapes. These grapes are used for the production of fortified moscatels (similar to Porto), which are popular as desset wines.

White MoscatelEdit

White moscatels are produced from Muscat of Alexandria grapes. These grapes have been growing in Brunant since the Roman era and are used to produce somewhat sparkling apertitif wine. White moscatel is the most popular variety of the wine in Brunant, due to an abundance of white grapes over the red.


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Wine in Brunant
Winemaking regions: Chester Valley - Central Ranges - Coastal Cliffs
DO's: Ambrosian Hills - Berganz - Central Chester - Grunbeck - Kleinebeek - Lower Chester - Secret Lakes - Upper Chester - Wittedal
Grape varieties: Listan - Monastrel - Moscatel - Printanier

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