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Maxibank is a bank and financial service offered by Maxi supermarkets in most of its supermarkets. Maxi was the only Brunanter supermarket to open a bank, commencing trading in July 2004. It is a joint venture between Maxi and SD Bank and has become highly profitable for both. Presently around 22,000 people have an account with Maxibank.

The bank's services include insurance, credit cards, savings and loans. Maxibank customers can also deposit/withdraw cash from SD bank ATM.

Maxibank LibertasEdit

Maxibank began operations in Libertas in December 2011 with the opening in the capital Wikistad in the Vredeswijk. Around 28,000 Libertan people are signed with Maxibank Libertas.

Maxibank LoviaEdit

Maxibank began operations in Lovia in March 2012 with the opening of three banks in its supermarkets. Maxibank partnered with the First National Bank (SD Bank's Lovian partner) and its customers can also deposit/withdraw cash from FNB ATM's.

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