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Company Type Supermarket chain
Founded 1793 (as Philips and Neihorster), 1911 (as Maxi)
Headquarters Janowicz Place: 3 Van Horne Av., Business District, KS
Subsidiaries Maxibank, Maxifuel

Maxi is the largest Brunanter supermarket chain company. It is owned by Maxi Group and is one of the largest Brunanter enterprises operating internationally. Maxi principally competes with Iper's Ipermarket/Iperstore chain and with StadMarket.


Maxi essential bread

Maxi Essential white bread (1,20€)

Maxi was founded in 1793 (June 1st according to company lore) as Philips and Neihorster when baker John Philips and butcher Albert Niehorster combined their operations to save costs. P&N operated until 1911 with three grocery stores in Hogeberg Island. That year it changed its name to Maxi, and greatly expanded operations. Maxi has since spread to most parts of Brunant. Their first foreign expansion occurred in 1995 towards Libertas; there are now six stores in the country. In 2011 Maxi expanded to Lovia with the acquisition of the Super 5 Markets. In June 2012 Maxi entered Mäöres with the acquisition of Mertego and subsequent rebranding of supermarkets.


Maxi has its own brands, also seen in Uno supermarkets abroad. Maxi essentieelessential is the discount brand of Maxi products, Select is an upscale range of products and VeldFresh is a range of healthy, natural and organic foods.




See also: Maxibank

Maxibank is a bank and financial service offered by Maxi in most of its supermarkets. Maxi was the first Brunanter supermarket to open a bank, commencing trading in July 2004.


See also: Maxifuel

Maxifuel is a chain of gas stations owned and operated by Maxi since 1990. These can be found adjacent to supermarkets and carry gasoline, diesel and occasionally biofuels.

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