Maurits Verburcht (1381 in Amsterdam or The Hague) was a Dutch militaryman and founding father. His name, Verburcht, is a contraction of Van der Burcht, as one of his ancestors was born in a castle.


Maurits was born in Amsterdam (or The Hague; sources conflict) and came to Brunant (ca. 1425) to seek his fortune. He established a Dutch militia that would raid Venetian settlements. In 1425 he was arrested by the authorities but with the start of the War of Independence he would be freed. In 1427 he attended the Convention of Grijzestad and was a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. Shortly after he left the young nation to the Netherlands, where he died. Verburcht is noted for being the only founding father to not have become a citizen of Brunant, and one of the most mysterious.

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