Louis mathers

Family head Louis Mathers

The Mathers family is a Brunanter banking family with a massive fortune in investments and other financial sectors.


Louis Mathers (1763-1828) was the son of a well-to-do moneylender from Lille. When the French revolution broke out he left for southern France and then to brunant in 1790. He came to Koningstad where he established himself as a moneylender and founded an exchange house, L. Mathers et Cie. with his wife, Princess Cornelia of Brunant. Mathers had three sons, Gilbert (1793-1844), Frederic (1797-1868) and Pierre (1799-1871). Gilbert and Frederic remained in Koningstad, while Pierre moved to Grijzestad in 1824. There he established one of Brunant’s oldest banks, De Grijzestad Bank in 1826. Frederic’s son, Frederic was one of the founding partners of the Dartmouth Bank in Koningstad, and his descendants have has a majority share in this bank (and SD Bank, its descendants) ever since. By 1910 the Mathers family controlled (at least partially) 80% of banking interests in Brunant. In 1914 the company was reorgainzed as Mathers Finanial Group.

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