1949 Martell-Werner model ZF

1949 M-W owned by Gert Henneman

Martell-Werner was a Brunanter luxury car manufacturer and one of the most prestigious makes of that country. Production ran from the early 1920s to the 1950s, a span of 30 years. Five models were produced by the company, all cars hand made.


1936 martell werner

1936 Martell-Werner

Adrian Martell (a designer) and Hans Werner (a furniture maker-designer) founded a specialized company that custom built cars in 1922. Martell-Werner began making cars in 1923 (about 5 per year). Hand crafted out of the finest materials, each one sold for Th. 17,500 (about US$ 5,700 in 1930). During WWII production was interrupted but after the war they began building cars (in 1947). In 1953 the two men ended car production after producing 116 cars in 24 years. Between 1953 and 1957 they also supplied bodies to several manufacturers, as well as creating a rare convertible conversion for the Carona Stella.


  • Martell-Werner T-23 "Cygne" (1923-1926)
  • Martell-Werner T-28 "Victoria" (1926-1931)
  • Martell-Werner T-31 "Libertas" (1931-1937)
  • Martell-Werner T-37 "Luxor" (1937-1949)
  • Martell-Werner T-48 (1948-1953)

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