Marta Henneman

Marta at her inauguration in 1990

Marta Henneman, Princess Consort of Roseland (born 13 August 1959 as Marta Ramirez) is the former First Lady of Brunant and former President.


Henneman was born in Cape Cross in 1959 to doctor Luis Ramirez (Spanish) and Eila Menon (Indian). Graduating from high school in Cape Cross with top honours (97% average), Henneman would go on to study political science at the London School of Economics from 1978-1982. Upon returning to Brunant, she worked in Congress and later joined the Social Democratic Party.


She ran for the presidency twice, first in 1990 and 1996, becoming the first non-white to become president. Henneman became a very active president, involved in government activity and often challenging Congress in matters she thought were not in the public's best interest or less supported.

Henneman heavily pushed for greater restrictions on cigarettes and smoking in Brunant, whose manufacturing was banned in 2008.

In 2002, she became First Lady of Brunant. Currently, Marta is taking a break from politics, but she announced in 2012 that she would run for the Senate.

Personal lifeEdit

She married the future President and Prince of Roseland Gert Henneman in 1987. They have two children, Henrik (born 1989) and Annelise (born 1992). She and Gert divorced in 2011 over an affair he had.

As the former consort of the current Prince of Roseland and the mother of the current heir-apparent to the title, she is retroactively styled Her Serene Highness The Princess Consort of Roseland.

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