Lucas prat

Lucas Prat in 1974.

Lucas Prat (14 March, 1951 in Adamstown) is a Brunanter singer and actor of Chilean origin.


Prat was born in AdamstownBrunant to a second generation family that was originally from Santiago, Chile. His father was a shoe maker and his mother was a secretary at a local school.


Prat was singing in secondary and his family encourage him to do singing. In 1968 and 1969 he preformed in various youth competition's in Brunant and in 1971 he released his first album The Pain of Love in English. He participated in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest but did not win. He released in 1975 the single "Your fury is like the wind" which was the top song of that year. He also later made albums in Spanish and Dutch. He has released 11 albums including the well reviewd 20 años of 1991.


Prat began acting in 1978, but mostly in TV series. He appeared in the drama The Love Triangle (1978-1981) and the historic series The Republic (1983-1988). In late 2003, he made a few guest appearnces at House of Sanity.

Personal lifeEdit

He was married to Angela Miller from 1977-2000 but they had no children. Prat was a heavy smoker since the 1980's and had many compications, but he gave up smoking in the late 1990's. He is still not married again and lives in an appartment in Koningstad.

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