A locality is a small settlement, smaller than a village and without any formal town rights. The name derives from the Venetian or Italian località, as it was instituted by the Venetians.

Localities generally have less than 500 people, though there is no actualy limit as to how big a locality can be. Localities have existed since the Venetian period, around the 1380s, for statistical and administrative reasons. Most localities elect a mayor and manage day-to-day affairs, though are usually linked to or dependent to nearby towns or cities.

List of localitiesEdit

Brunant has 135 localities across the country. Drenthe has 33 localities, the most in Brunant and Adams and Rosetown parishes the least, with only four.

Parish Localities
Adams (4) Elsing, Fontanet, Hindon, Starford
Brunant (1) Silvana
Cape Cross (18) Alt-Vermel, Bacena, Belmont, Denia, Geitstand, Grisant, Havery, Iban, Mercurius, Newbury, Penalmont, Portin, Prinsenberg, Ravels, Santa Tereza, Sant-Felix, Swintley, Wiets
Carrington (11) Belcava, Bryonia, Castle Baily, Castramont, Cowlton, Henley, Loudon, Santa Maria nal Camp, Santpeter, Stanford, Vianna
Central (11) Acrine, Barnbrook, Berganz, Bowington, Cornel, Limes, Lincoln, Littles, Newell, Ristley, Tindall
Chester (11) Aramore, Carelsdorp, Carron, Campen, Finland Groves, Kleinebeek, Limburg, Noordendal, Oudeklooster, Roster, Varsenare
Drenthe (33) Alba, AnnandaleArstadBiBlancartBlandenCasterCortesemHammeHeusalHolsbeckKirkenbergLagermarkt, LovenMarkenNewdownsNieuwbergenNieuw FrieslandNieuw GironaOosterhaar, OrustPaterswoldePietersdorpPleinlouisPolpisSalbesSimonshavenSint-Anders aan MartigesTrierVreiseWilmarnZuidendorpZwartdorp
Helmond (11) Alzar, Brandis, Carante, Cardon, Gessel, Haren, Issen, Perbe, Pyrmont, Sint-Elisa, Tangres
Mariaberg (11) Bussot, Caborna, De Weg, Huisreal, Mariaberg, Portela, Ravaner, Roures, Sint-Laurens, Venetie, Zouter
Roseland (4) Aurora, Ingley, Narvas, Witney
Sint-Anders (10) Ambrosian Hills, Bergantin, Berslet, Boskerk, Cavell, Listan, Littlehampton, Olivers Lane, Secret Lakes, Tourford
Sint-Willemstad (10) Benicar, Domenech, Gardes, Hanenberg, Isabelle, Kapeltoren, Martiges, Milde, Mondier, Rosselare
Brunant map locations

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