This is a list of the postsecondary colleges and universities in Brunant. Since 1913, A. Stock and Co. has produced a ranking for schools' excellence, used to this day.

Rank Crest Name Information
Grijzestad University seal transparent
Grijzestad University Founded in 1646, it is the oldest university in Brunant
Royal University of Koningstad The country's largest University, founded in 1795
3 Roodstad College The oldest college of Brunant, established in 1801
Drenthe Military Institute arms
Cape Cross Military Institute A private military college founded in 1887 by Polish immigrants. Critically aclaimed in international affairs and economics.
5 El-Reis Academy of the Arts A university founded in 1829, whose library dates to 1476. It is named after Barbary Pirate Mohamed Reis
Carrington College The largest college in Brunant, founded in 1873
Brunant Polytechnic School A politechnic school founded in 1925, specializing in industrial design and aerospace engineering
8 Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Founded in 1930, it is Brunant's leading institution for the performing arts

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