Charles Town coat of arms List of Mayors of Charles Town Charles Town coat of arms
Michael Boston
Michael Boston
since 1994
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Howard Waite Adams
Formation 1846

The Mayor of Charles Town is the head of the municipal government in Charles Town, Sint-Anders Parish, Brunant. The mayor serves a four-year term and is not limited with successive terms.

There have been 24 Charles Town individuals sworn into office in Charles Town, up until the end of the 19th century known as Brookford. Howard Waite Adams, elected in 1846, was the first mayor of the town. There have been no people who served two non-consecutive terms. Since 1994, Michael Boston has been appointed five times. There was no elected Mayor of Charles Town until 1846; prior to that some of the most influential citizens were in charge.


The Mayor of Charles Town is elected every four years. Candidates must live and be registered to vote in Charles Town at the time of the election. The mayor is usually sworn in on 1 August following the election. The next election for the mayor will be in 2018.

Under the Brunanter constitution, all city, town or village elections in the country are conducted on a non-partisan basis. As a result, candidates' party affiliations are not listed on the ballot, and multiple candidates from a single party can run in the election since a primary election is not held.

Mayoral elections are run under a two-round system. If no candidate received a simple majority of votes in the general election, the two candidates who received the most votes competed in a second runoff election held several days or weeks later.

List of Mayors of Charles TownEdit

To date, 24 individuals have served as mayor. There have been also 24 mayoralties due no mayor served two non-consecutive terms. The longest term is that of Michael Boston, who serves since 1994. The length of his tenure as mayor is largely due to his popularity. The shortest term were those of fifteen mayors who served one term or four years.

# Mayor Picture Term
1 Howard Waite Adams 1846–1850
2 Richard Wise, Jr. 1850–1854
3 James T. Sawyer 1854–1858
4 Horace James 1858–1862
5 Charles Stone, Jr. 1862–1866
6 Liverus Norton 1866–1870
7 Jonathan W. Kent 1870–1874
8 Leonard Cobb 1874–1878
9 Pierce Henry 1878–1882
10 Samuel Martin Green 1882–1886
11 Hughley O'Hart 1886–1890, 1898-1902
(two terms)
12 Nathan Thomason, Jr. 1890–1894
13 Josiah Q. Upton 1894–1898
14 Patrick Wheltonham 1902–1906
15 John F. Hibbard 1906–1914
(two terms)
16 James Lawrence 1914–1918, 1922-1926,
1930–1934, 1946-1950
(four terms)
17 Peter J. Andrews 1918-1922
18 Charles Bore 1926-1930
19 James "Curly" Avonblair 1934-1946
(three terms)
20 John Galway John Galway 1950–1958
(two terms)
21 Collin Johns 1958–1966
(two terms)
22 Kevin Black 1966-1982
(four terms)
23 Finn Chandler 1982-1994
(three terms)
24 Michael Boston Michael Boston 1994-present
(incumbent, six terms)

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