Leuvis II
King of Brunant
Reign 17 September 1503 - 11 October 1533
Predecessor Leuvis I
Successor Anders I
Personal information
Born 5 May 1470, Grijzestad
Died 11 October 1533, Rose Island
Burial Grijzestad Cathedral
Consorts Margaret of Cleves (1492-1497)
Amalia of Viseu (1499-1519)
Leuvis II signature

Leuvis II, born Leuvis Van Damme (5 May 1470 - 11 October 1533), was the second King of Brunant from 1503-1533. He was the son of Leuvis Van Damme and Caroline Koch. He had seven daughters and three sons of which the eldest, Anders I, became king upon his death.

In the 1520s, Leuvis began planning an invasion of Rose Island. In 1533, after months of planning, he led a force of 2,800 soldiers to invade Rose Island. He met heavy resistance from the Spanish soldiers and during battle, the king was mortally wounded. Taken to a nearby farmhouse, Leuvis II spent the night in great pain and died the following morning. He was buried in the churchyard at the Spanish Church in order to prevent the Spanish from capturing his body. Later, his body was exhumed and reburied at the Grijzestad Cathedral.

Marriage and childrenEdit

Leuvis was married in 1492 to Margaret of Cleves (1466-1497), daughter of John I of Cleves and Elizabeth of Nevers. The couple had four children, but Margaret died in 1497 in childbirth.

  • Princess Margaret (1493-1536), married Robert van Marwijck and had issue
  • Prince Bartolomeus (1495-1513), died after a jousting accident.
  • Princess Catherine (1496-1560)
  • Princess Josephina (1497-1549), married and had issue

He remarried in 1499 to Amalia of Viseu (1472-1519) and they would have six children:

  • Princess Albertina (1500-1540)
  • Prince Anders (1502-1578), married Clarissa d'Aragona and had issue
  • Princess Mary (1504-1511)
  • Princess Claire (1505-1565), became a nun
  • Prince Philip (1507-1520)
  • Princess Louisa (1509-1567)