Koningstad souk

The Souq on a sunday

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The Koningstad Souq is a weekly Arabian-style market held in Koningstad's Arabian Quarter. This has been held every weekend since the late 1950s (often the shops are open daily) as a way for Middle-Eastern immigrants to connect with each other. Nowadays this is visited by other people from Koningstad, Dortmund and the nearby region. The souq is known for selling food, spices, middle-eastern goods and antiques. On weekends, street performers are often found putting on shows for shoppers. While mostly active on weekends, during the week one can find a few fruit stalls and shops still open.

Since the 2000s the souq has become famous throughout Brunant and attracts many people. As part of its new Visit Brunant campaign, Tourism Brunant has included the souq in a new ad in order to attract new visitors from other countries.

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