The Koningstad Derby is the name applied to a match between two of Koningstad's football clubs: St. Marks Koningstad, Arabian FC, FC Kings and more recently Dortmund SFC. The derby has seen some levels of fan rioting and even examples of hooliganism since the 1960s.


The derby has been around since the early 1950s and historically referred to the match between St. Marks Koningstad and FC Kings; though, a similar rivalry existed from the 1920s to the 1940s between St. Marks and Real Koningstad. With the addition of Arabian in the 1970s there were some cases of fan rowdiness, but this was magnified in the 1980s. Violence was common and 15 players were injured in a St. Marks-Kings match in 1983. Since the 1990s the violence has died down, due to a greater police presence and security.

2012-13 seasonEdit

In the 2012-13 season, four clubs from the capital region were in the 1. Liga. FC Kings won five out of 6 derby matches, the most successful this season.

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