National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
Koningstad logo Koningstad Government Koningstad logo
Ambroos-straat 3, 3200 Koningstad - T: 33 90 900
Koningstad City Hall
City hall koningstad
Location Koningstad, Cape Cross Parish
Type Architectural
Selected 1970

The Koningstad City Hall is a building in Koningstad Centrum, Brunant. It houses the offices of the mayor and government.

The buildingEdit

The lot, which the town hall occupies, used to be the site of the Vandort House, an 18th century manor. It burnt down in 1857 and everything was lost. That year, the city purchased the property with a plan to put their offices there. It took until 1878-1881 for the building to be built, which featured a distinct variation of the federal style with blue decorations. It is a National Monument since 1970.

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