President house

8 Koningstraat

Koningstad Centrum (Downtown Koningstad) is the Downtown of Koningstad city. It is located next to Grafstad. The downtown district was built from right before Carrington's invasion in 1784 to the 1850s. The district was built in a combination of Federal Style and classic architecture, giving it a very formal and elegant look.


See the page Map colors for an explanation of what each color means.

Inter District
Caroman Avenue
Mäöreser Embassy
1 Carrington Avenue
St. Sebastian's Cathedral
3 Carrington Avenue
1 Kemburger Embassy
1 Van Draak Street
Brunants Post
Ambroos-straat 8
2 Central Park
7 Carrington Avenue
9 Carrington Avenue
Eric Peitersson
5 Carrington Avenue
Lovian Embassy
Ambroos-straat 6
Carrington Avenue
State Museum
Koningstraat 1
Peter Wostor
2 Carrington Avenue
Liberty Plaza
The Meridian
4 Carrington Avenue
Supreme Court of Brunant
6 Carrington Avenue
Constitutional Court
Koningstraat 3 Autogo logo
Royal Mint
Koningstraat 5
Koningstraat street sign
National Art Museum
Koningstraat 2
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
Koningstraat 4
Koningsberg Palace
Koningstraat 6
8 Koningstraat SD Bank
Koningstraat 10
City Hall
Ambroos-straat 3
Havering Avenue

  1. Van Draak Street
  2. Ambroos-straat
Koningstad shield
Quarters of Koningstad

Arabian Quarter - Business District - Centrum - Charleston Beach - Grafstad - Industriestad - Inter District - Newtown - The Port

Streets and avenues

Ambroos Street - Caroman Avenue - Carrington Avenue - Charles Street - Chester Street - Darnant Avenue - Drenthestraat - Duithers Street - Grotestraat - Havering Avenue - Koningstraat - Mosque Street - Queen Street - Vandelet Quay - Van der Ecke Street - Van Draak Street - Van Horne Avenue - Varne Street

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