Career Naval ensign Brunant
Name Koningin Marie
Builder Grijzestad Shipyards
Launched 1613
Fate Sunk in 1784, in a museum
General characteristics
Class & type
Armament 30 guns

The Koningin Marie (EnglishQueen Mary) is a ship named after Maria Cristina, the Queen Mother.

History Edit

In 1613, King Adrian I commisioned a ship for military purposes; it would become the foundation of Brunant's Royal Navy as the first purpose-built navy ship. During the Brunanter Civil War the ship remained under royalist command until the end. After 1680 the ship saw more limited service. During the Franco-Brunanter War (1757), the Koningin Marie was vital in resupplying the city, receiving some damage from French cannon fire. The ship was repaired but was kept docked in Grijzestad and saw no service for the next 25 years.

Koningin Marie saw little service until 1784, when James Carrington invaded Brunant. She was brought back to service and was fitted with a few updated guns. The ship engaged one of Carrington's ships just off Koningstad, but it was too old and was easily sunk. In 1917, the ship was re-discovered and was raised. After a massive 8 year restoration, the ship was restored to a high degree. Since then it has been housed at the Koningin Marie Museum, south of Dortmund.