KCVD Group (historically Kering Charlton Van Damme) is the largest financial company in Brunant. It is based at 4 Van Horne Avenue, Business District, Koningstad.


During the Great Depression in the 1930's, John Kering (a banker), William Charlton (a businessman) and Hendrik Van Damme (an investor) decided to join their finance-related companies to save them from bankruptcy. Acquisitions of other companies and major growth allowed them to become Brunants largest financial companies and one of the larges companies overall.

Bank StandardEdit

Since 2005 KCVD has produced a ratings listing of Banks in wikinations (now the IWO, either in the "A" range (very good to excellent), "B" range (fine to very good) and "C" range (poor to fine). A double "B" (BB) would refer to a "Black Bank", a bank that is financially broke and unable to operate effectively.

For 2013 the best bank in the IWO is LBS Bank, a Strasland-based multinational bank which has been in the top three banks since 2005.

Bank Country Rating
LBS logo
LBS Bank
Strasland = A+
Unie spaarbank
Unie Spaarbank
Brunant = A+
Barle Bank Juliana = A
De Vrye Banck Libertas ↑ A
SD Bank
Brunant ↑ A
Santander bank logo
Santander Brunant
Brunant = A-
Libertas = A-
Maxibank logo
Brunant = A-
De Grijzestad Bank
Brunant = A-
NAtional Bank of Lovia
National Bank of Lovia
Lovia ↓ A-
Nationalbank Brunant ↓ A-
Logo de BBSM
BBSM Banco de Barzona
Traspes = B+
Kameron Bank Lovia = B+
Nordisk Sparekasse
Strasland/Insel = B+
Plusbank logo
Kemburg = B+
Logo de Caja de Alcacer
Caja de Alcacer
Traspes = B
Uranus Bank
Uranus Bank
Libertas ↓ B
Brunant ↓ B


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