Corpl Kuster

Juan Daniel Kuster

Juan Daniel Kuster (12 July 1994-8 October 2017) was a Brunanter soldier (a corporal) in the Royal Guard, as part of the 1st Infantry Company. Kuster was born in Sint-Willemstad to Willemstader Johan Kuster and Chilean-born Serena Rodriguez

Kuster graduated from Detker College in 2012, where he worked at a Burger King before joining the Royal Guard in 2013. He was deployed to Phaluhm Phoueck as part of Brunant's Operation Martel in June 2017. Kuster was killed during the Battle of Kebahan during Straslander artillery strikes in a friendly fire incident, to become Brunant's first combat death in the war.

According to a Cape Times article, Kuster was engaged to his girlfriend of <<some time>>.