Johan I (Johan Friedrich Alexander Van Draak) was the 13th king of Brunant.


Johan I was born in a hunting estate near Nieuw Helmond in 1827. He lived in Brunant and, against his fathers orders (and family tradition), didn't go to the Netherlands. He was an avid hunter, who kept a large trophy collection. In 1854, he married a divorced French countess, which did not please his father. They were divorced in 1855 and in 1856 he married Princess Caroline Amelie of Schleswig-Holstein. He became the king of Brunant when his father, Cristian I, died in 1859 of a heart attack. He ruled the country well, but often left his duties to attend his wife or go hunting. He had three kids with her, Pieter II (the future king), Prince Eugen (1862) and Princess Liese (1864). In 1881, he was deposed in a bloodless coup by Pieter II. Johan left for Paris, but moved to America in 1884. In 1887, he came to Lovia, where he lived until his death in 1894.

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