Jan Van Draak
J van draak
6th President of Brunant
Term 1852-1858
Predecessor Alexander von Krupski
Successor Gerd Duithers
Personal details
Born 29 March 1813, Grijzestad
Died 9 October 1877, Koningstad
Political party Liberal Party

Johannes van Draak (29 March 1813 - 9 October 1877) was a Brunanter politician who served as sixth President of Brunant. He was preceded by Alexander von Krupski and succeded by Gerd Duithers.


Jan Van Draak was born in Grijzestad into an influential family descended from King Marten I, though his grandfather took his mother's "Van Draak" surname. Van Draak served in the Royal Guard and was later involved in the Koningstad political sphere, working with the local government.

In 1852, Alexander von Krupski resigned as president. He, King Cristian I and other politicians had instituted reforms to make appointed officials limited to 6-year terms. Jan, who was a more centrist figure, founded the Liberal Party that year. In power, he failed to achieve much except pass through constitutional reform. He did however, promulgate the first national census in 1855. In 1858 he would not be re-appointed.

He was one of the two Presidents who didn't have a wife, but he did have many lovers. Van Draak was buried in Koningstad were he died in October 1877.