Jan andersen

Andersen campaigning in 2008

Jan Philip Andersen (1934/1935) was a politician and leader ad founder of the National Union. He served in Congress for decades.


Andersen was born around 1934 (or 1935) in Drenthe, Brunant. He married Barbara Wallace in 1961 and had a daughter, Sofia Andersen, in 1963. The couple separated in 1966 but have not divorced. In 1967, he founded the ultra right-wing National Union (NU) party. It was heavily against immigration and welfare governments. Over time he became slightly more moderate and caused a rift with his hardline daughter, leading her to leave the NU and form the Brunant Conservatives. Andersen competed in the 2008 Presidential Elections but did terribly. In 2017 he and his daughter ended their quarrel, and the National Union merged with CvB to form a newer, stronger party.

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