James Rand painting

James Rand
(10 September 1804 in Kilmarnock - 8 December 1877 in Koningstad) was a Brunanter of Scottish origin. Rand was born in Kilmarnock in 1804 and did his schooling there. In 1823, he came to Brunant and studied at the Royal University of Koningstad and became a doctor. He maried Mary Henson in 1828 and had seventeen children with her:
  • Mary Rand (1829-1879), married John Van Linden
  • Charles Rand (1830-1902), married Robin Walters
  • Joseph Rand (1832-1911), married Angela Holten
  • Nathan Rand (1834-1872), married Cornelia De Bock
  • Louise Rand (1834-1886), married Adrianus Dekker
  • Andrea Rand (1836-1903), married Philip Watts
  • Lionel Rand (1837-1877), married Birgit Solby
  • Martha Rand (1839-1896)
  • Diane Rand (1841-1845)
  • Oliver Rand (1842-1920), married Marion French
  • Caroline Rand (1844-1893), married Arnold Gerwen
  • Stephen Rand (1846-1929), married Beatrice Best
  • John Rand (1846-1907), married Joanna Becker
  • Elizabeth Rand (1848-1915)
  • William Rand (1851-1942), married Mary Watson
  • Harold Rand (1853-1862)
  • Nancy Rand (1855-1880)

He also had a child with Laura Radmore in 1852. Mary died in 1863. James Rand died of old age in 1877 and was accompanied in his deathbed by fourteen of his children.

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