It Came From Planet 68
Planter 68


Sci-fi horror

Directed by

Alexander Koopman

Produced by

Alexander Koopman

Written by

Herbert S. Hosen


Adrian Coleman, Jeanette Hardy, Wilma Baker, Oscar Karmann

Music by

Harold Sullivan


Europa Films

Release date

October 1956

Running time

83 min.


Dutch, English

It Came From Planet 68 often known as Planet 68 (Het Kwam Van Planeet 68, in Dutch) is a classic Brunanter sci-fi horror film.


Get ready to be amazed, to be thrilled and to be scared! Monsters are coming, from Planet 68. No one can stop them except the brave and heroic Mr. Golberg (Adrian Coleman). He struggles with these aliens but also he has in internal battle of his own: marry Mary, a helpless blonde (Jeanette Hardy) or Martha (Wilma Baker), a brave nurse helping him out on his quest.


Coleman and Hardy had the lead roles in the film. Wilma Baker did great in her supporting role and Oscar Karmann (Brunant's 'king of horror') was praised for his portrayal of the lead alien. While Hardy was criticized for her "all show-no go" acting, all the others were praised for brilliant work.


The Zombies from Planet 68 was a sequel made in 1960. Koopman and Hosen made it much scarier and as a result it was banned from some movie theaters.

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