Indep day parade

The navy on parade in Koningstad

Independence Day (Brunantsdag) is a national holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence of Brunant proclaimed on June 9, 1427. This is the largest national holidays, and all towns, no matter how small, hold a parade. Koningstad has the largest celebrations with events near the Realpaleis, a concert in the Congress lawns and a parade by elements of the Royal Guard and Realmarine. Historically in Brezonde, independence day has been marked as falling on 9 July, the day the mayor formally declared the city part of Brunant (giving name to the Passo Nove Julio) but is now celebrated in July.

Independence Day has not been celebrated in Brunant until relatively recent years. The first commemoration took place in 1877 (450th anniv.) in Grijzestad. Koningstad organized a parade in 1900 and since 1927 has been holding one yearly.

One of the traditions since 1977, the 550th anniversary of independence, is for the monarch to hold a banquet with invited Brunanter citizens, as well as dignitaries, celebrities and other personalities from Brunant and abroad. It has since also been a de-facto monarch's birthday.

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