Imperial beach

The Imperial Beach Apartments are an apartment building located by Imperial Beach, in Charleston Beach, KS. It is owned by Sterrengroup Koningstad.

Construction on the building began in late 2010 and it was finished in April 2012.

There are seven units available for sale; the standard apartments are €450,000, the three-bedroom suites are €520,000 and the penthouses are at €600,000


Floor Inhabitants Extra apartment facilities
1 Reception
2 Giovanni Spatola 2 bedroom, Balcony
2 FOR SALE 2 bedroom, Balcony
3 FOR SALE 2 bedroom, Balcony
3 FOR SALE 2 bedroom, Balcony
4 Reception 3 bedroom, Roof terrace
4 Milt Richmond 3 bedroom, Balcony
5 FOR SALE Balcony
5 Cal-Mariss Household 4 Bedroom, Balcony, 5 1/2 Bathrooms
6 Roof terrace Pool, bar

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