History of a Mob Wife
Mob wife poster



Directed by

Abe Costello

Produced by

Robert Kearney

Written by

R. Kearney and Marianne Manioli


Anna Lindbergs, Cristiane Melker, Steve Syracuse

Music by

Martin Carlotti


Liberal Arts logo

Release date(s)


Running time

114 min.

Country, language

English, Dutch

Car chase mob wife

Car chase scene

History of a Mob Wife is a 2004 film by Liberal Arts Productions. It is based on the book History of a Mob Wife and is a loose interpretation of the life of mob wife Fabiana Capello, matriarch of the Montesini family.


Mob wife chronicles the life of Capello, from her marriage early on to her "golden age" as mother to mob bosses.


The film featured various prominent Brunanter actors of today in some of their very first roles. Young and versatile Steve Syracuse, playing all three McCaoinlin brothers, won the Barker Award for Best Supporting Performer at the 2004 Rosetown International Film Festival. Syracuse would later return to his role as Barney McCaoinlin in the succesful TV series Small Town Crooks. A relatively unknown Cristiane Melker appeared in her first film role, and at the time of the fil's release became better known for her acting instead of her music.

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