Hilda Brunnemeyer

Hilda Brunnemeyer in 1997.

Hilda Brunnemeyer (8 August, 1937 in Koningstad) is a Brunanter former judge and former President of the Supreme Court of Brunant.

Biography Edit

Brunnemeyer was born in Charleston Beach, Koningstad to a wealthy family of Swedish descent. They sent her to Harvard University to study law (1956-1960) and did her masters in Germany. In 1966 she joined a private law company where she was one of its best lawyers and from 1969-1980 only lost two cases.

Moving up to management she became very wealthy and took over the firm in 1992. In 1997 she was appointed Court President by Marta Henneman. She was involved in the controversial Brunant v. TobacCorp case in 2001; the largest court case in Brunanter history. Brunnemeyer was found to have accepted bribes from many cigarette companies to make a ruling in their favor. When this was found out, she was immediately replaced with a temporary justice and after the court decision a less high-profile hearing sentenced her to jail for five years. She later appealed and got three and a half years.

Personal life Edit

She married multimillionaire and later BBN executive William Smarts in 1967 and they had four children.

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