Georg L Telemann

Georg Ludvík Telemann, composer of the Grijzestad Symphonie.

Symphony Nr. 3 in E minor, commonly known as the Grijzestad Symphonie is a musical work composed by Georg Ludvík Telemann in 1858. This is considered his best piece and among the best-known Brunanter classical music pieces.


This symphony was meant to represent the Siege of Grijzestad during the Franco-Brunanter War (1757-1758). Telemann began writing it in 1851.



The overture "Thunder and lightning" is the beginning of the symphony. This 7-minute piece acts as a prelude to the siege.

2nd movementEdit


The Kinderenmars (Children's march) is the most famous piece of the symphony. This is a light tune representing the 15 and 16-year old children who took up arms in the city's defense. This is interrupted by loud and dark "bursts" meant to represent the cannons set against them.

5th movementEdit

The 5th movement "Grijzestad's liberty" is meant to represent the lifting of the siege. This piece is intertwined with dark scores throughout. This portion is played at city events as the unnoficial anthem.

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