Hotel ritz grijzestad

The Ritz

The Grijzestad Ritz is a famous hotel in the old town of Grijzestad. Prior to being a hotel, it served as a home to the Neyt family.


Neyt Manor was constructed from 1589-1600 as a stately residence for the Neyt family. The style and architecture rivaled that of the royal palace. President Pieter Van Neyt grew up in this house and later lived in it with his family after the presidency. The old house was not very cost-efficient, and the Neyt family was pouring too much money into the house. In 1933, they sold the house to American businessman John Barkley, who lived there until his death in 1969. His son, who lived in the U.S. had no use for it and it was sold in 1971 to a Grijzestader company who turned it into a hotel.

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