National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
Grijzestad Palace
Location Grijzestad, Chester Parish
Type Historical
Selected 1955

Grijzestad Palace is the old Royal Palace in the Old Town of Grijzestad, built in 1506. It served as the main residence from 1506-1784, and is currently a summer retreat. Most of it is opened up as a museum. It is a National Monument since 1907.

From 1621 to 1626, King Adrian I had the palace remodeled and expanded.

Adrian II, who was deposed in favor of his son Ambroos, was buried in the chapel of the Grijzestad Palace in 1807. His body was never reburied in the Royal Mausoleum of the Realpaleis in Koningstad.

Botanical GardensEdit

Royal gardens

Part of the palace forms the Royal Botanical Gardens, a large garden started by the daughters of King Adrian I in the 1620s. It is opened up to the public since 1888 and is a popular tourist attraction.

Royal residences
Current: RealpaleisGrijzestad PalaceHuis ten Bergen
Former and unused: Bitburg CastleKoningsberg PalaceLeuvisberg CastleSteenhuis Manor

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