Grijzestad poster

Grijzestad (or The Grey City in Lovia) is a classic Transbaum Films movie filmed in 1955. It starred Coletta Grambini and Adrian Coleman. It was based on the German Invasion of Brunant in 1941, and the resistance by the people of Grijzestad.


Grijzestad, 1941: War has broken out in most of Europe, and Brunant faces the grim reality that it is to be invaded. On May 20, 1941, the Germans invaded; first Crete, and then Brunant. The film follows the lives of two people: Josef Groening, soldier-turned-resistance fighter and Isabel Eisner, a nurse, also with the resistance. These two are both in the same hospital, he with a wounded arm and she tending to wounded soldiers. The two meet up by chance, and both embark on a journey across the country. They end up in Koningstad, where they help the Royal Family in escaping to Lovia. In the midst of their adventures, Josef and Isabel fall in love. Yet, at every opportunity to kiss, they are always interrupted. They are alone one night in her apartment, and they begin to kiss. Just as his lips are about to touch hers, German troops storm the room and take him away.

1942: Josef is in an interment camp in Austria, since he is an enemy of the state. The only thing stopping him from dying is his determination to get a kiss from Isabel. Meanwhile, Isabel, now in Koningstad, has moved on. But, she can never love another man again.

1945: The war is now over and Josef Returns home. At the Koningstad bus station, as Josef gets off the bus, he spots Isabel's mother, and Isabel behing her. At last, the two are able to kiss in peace.

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