Gerard Duithers
7th President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Jan Van Draak
Succeded by Filip Van Buskirk

Gerard Duithers (1803-1876) was a Brunanter politician and former president. He was born to a relatively poor family and was unable to go to college. But, Duithers was a good orator and visionary. He started a mining and metal processing plant in 1835 and was soon able to grow in wealth. In 1858, he was appointed president by the king and he began to introduce programs to assist the poor. His heavy spending cost him his re-appointment in 1864.

Duithers would be remembered as the first president (and only one in the 19th century) to not have come from a noble or wealthy background. Throughout his career, Duithers was always at odds with King Johan I, who resented having a "lowly" president in his government.

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