King Marten II, 2007

King Marten II

The Funeral of King Marten II was held on October 16, 2011 after a period of national mourning.


From June 2010 King Marten II got very sick, and though he made progress he acquired bronchitis and a string of lung problems in 2011. By September 23 doctors announced his chances of recovery were slim. On October 9, 2011 Marten died at 8:58 PM, at the age of 88.

The Government of Brunant declared a week of mourning following the announcement of his death by the Realpaleis. Across the nation, people held tributes and flags were placed at half mast.


Laying in waitEdit

State funeral Marten II

The funeral procession

King Marten's casket lay in wait in the rotunda of the Realpaleis' Royal Mausoleum. Thousands of people came from all over the capital region, Cape Cross Parish, Brunant and even from abroad to pay their respects. Several foreign dignitaries also paid their respects.

Funeral processionEdit

The casket was carried by an honor guard from the Royal Guard. The procession, including foreign dignitaries, royalty and a military escort made its way to St. Peter's Church as thousands lined the streets to see the procession. At the church a mass was held for the king, with First Lady Henneman and Ivan Gašparovič of Slovakia (a personal friend) reading verses in his honor. The funeral train then made it's way through to The Port district, Charleston Beach and finally across the Marten Bridge to Dortmund. He was then buried at the National Cemetery

Attendants at the funeralEdit

Queen Aleksandra

Queen Aleksandra

Royal familyEdit

Members of the Royal family present included Marten's widow, Queen Aleksandra, his children Prince Anthony (the King), Princess Marie and Prince Wilhelm. As well, his six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and nephews, nieces and other relatives attended.

Brunanter dignitariesEdit

Various Brunanter politicians were in attendance, including President and Mrs. Gert and Marta Henneman, President Silvia Van Damme, Prime Ministers Robert Helms, Frederic Darnley (and Mrs. Darnley), Ines Michels, Henry Jorgeson (and Mrs. Jorgeson) and Edward Willemont (and Mrs. Willemont).

Foreign dignitariesEdit

President and Mrs Gasparovic

President and Mrs. Gašparovič

The funeral was attended by various foreign dignitaries, including:

  • President Danilo Türk of Slovenia
  • President and Mrs. Ivan Gašparovič of Slovakia
  • President and Mrs. Václav Klaus of the Czech Republic
  • President Andris Bērziņš of Latvia
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • George and Barbara Bush
  • King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium
  • Princess Victoria of Sweden
  • Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird of Canada
  • President and Mr. Giovanna Grassa

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