Francesca de' Medici

The lovely Francesca

Francesca de' Medici (1588-1638) was an Italian-Brunanter noblewoman and Queen consort of King Adrian I. Born to the wealthy Medici family of Tuscany, Francesca had an excellent upbringing, being versed in poetry, skilled at various instruments and able to speak three or four languages.


Francesca was the natural daughter of Ferdinando I de' Medici, recently having assumed the crown. Francesca's mother is unknown, but believed to be Bianca Alessandri, a wealthy woman. After 1590 she was raised by Ferdinando's wife, Christina of Lorraine, as one of their children and was legitimized.

In 1610 she married King Adrian. It is presumed that the two had been seeing each other since 1608. The couple were married at St. Peter's Church in 1610; they would have a largely happy marriage. The pair had nine children:

  • Willem Alexander, 1609-1663
  • Francesca, 1611-1670
  • Amalia, 1613-14
  • Augustus, 1615-1629
  • Johannes Philip, 1616-1701
  • Barbara Elisabeth, 1617-1712
  • Augustina, 1619-1629
  • Martina Andrea, 1621-1680
  • Frederick, 1623-1703