Filip Van Buskirk
8th President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Gerd Duithers
Succeded by Pieter Van Neyt
10th President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Pieter Van Neyt
Succeded by Joseph Greene
F. van Buskirk sig

Filip Van Buskirk (1822-1905) was a Brunanter politician and President. Van Buskirk was born to an American father (John) who came from a prominent family of Dutch ancestry. His mother (Christine van der Ecke) came from a prominent Brunanter family. His family gained wealth in transatlantic shipping and were living in a large estate near Cape Cross by the 1820s.

Filip was a Senator with the Liberal Party from 1858-1864. That year he was appointed president, serving for twelve years. In 1876 he lost favor with the king and Pieter Van Neyt succeded him. In 1882 he returned to office as the first democratically elected president of Brunant. After losing the 1888 elections he retired from politics.

Van Buskirk was married in 1847 to Catherine Van Buskirk. The couple had three daughters: Angela (1849), Diane (1851) and Gisela (1856).

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