Felix Brunner
Felix Brunner
Personal information
Full name Felix Brunner, CD
Date of birth 18 July 1981
Place of birth Koningstad, Brunant
Height 1.74 m
Club information
Current club AS Cettatie (on loan)
Number 24
Position Forward
Club history
Flag of Brunant St. Marks Koningstad 1998-1999
Flag of Brunant FC Drenthe 1999-2003
Flag of Brunant St. Marks Koningstad 2003-2015
Cettatie flag AS Cettatie (loan) 2015-2017
National team
Brunant U20 1997-1999
Brunant 1999-date

Felix Brunner, CD (born 18 July 1981) is a Brunanter footballer, who currently plays for First League club St. Marks Koningstad, and the Brunant national football team. Brunner is known by fans as scherpschutter/sharpshooter for his ability at finding goals, even from long ranges. Brunner is the all-time top scorer for the national team and is one of the most popular players in Brunant.

Joining St. Marks in 1994, he made his professional debut in 1999 with FC Drenthe. After four seasons of success and many accolades, he returned to St. Marks. Despite a lack of trophies, Brunner has endeared himself to the fans and became one of the best-performing players in the league. In 2015, he was surprisingly loaned to AS Cettatie in the Championnat National, b

Early lifeEdit

Brunner was born to Matthias and Anna Brunner in Koningstad, the second of three children. In an interview with Score, he said that George Michálek and Karim Zenadi were his youth idols. Brunner initially started playing with Sterren Koningstad in the Cape Cross League in 1993, but the following season, he joined St. Marks Koningstad. Progressing through their youth setup, Alexandria Koningstad, he advanced quickly.


FC DrentheEdit

In 1999, Brunner was sold to FC Drenthe for an impressive €1,200,000. In his first season, he was a substitute and only appeared in five matches. He made his debut against Brunant Leuwens and scored his first goal against Middleton Arrows two months later. During this period, he became friends with fellow Drenthe player Adrian van Schijzer, with whom he broke through. In 2000-01, Brunner became a regular starter. The next season, Brunner scored and impressive sixteen goals as Drenthe won the Johan II Cup in 2002, with Brunner scoring a brace in the semifinals versus Mediterranean FC. Brunner won the First League in 2003 with Drenthe. Scoring 26 goals in the league, he would be awarded Total Football's award for top goal scorer in the season. Kemburger player Andy Chappel was the player who made most assists of Brunner's goals.

St. Marks KoningstadEdit

Return to St. MarksEdit

Brunner St. Marks

In December 2003, Brunner returned to St. Marks Koningstad after an impressive few seasons at Drenthe, joining for a wikination record of €4 million. Brunner's first few seasons with St. Marks were largely trophyless, though he did score several key goals. It was upon his arrival at the Koningstadion that Brunner made himself a fan's favourite. Unofficially, he was named St. Marks Player of the Season three times and some of his goals received an award for the most beautiful goals of the competition.


In 2005-06, he won the WNFA Leaders League with St. Marks, scoring two goals in the final against North Beach Kemburg, scoring sixteen goals that season. The following season, he helped the team to finish second in the league. The season after that, he helped St. Marks to another Leaders League win, scoring in the final against his former team Drenthe, as well winning the Leaders League a third time in 2010. In 2010-11, St. Marks won the league, with Brunner contributing with 22 goals (behind teammate Ibra El-Zein) and six assists. This was, however, his first First League title with St. Marks.

Brunner had a difficult season in 2011-12. He scored two goals in the "Eternal Rivalry" match against Grijzestad Strijders in October, but he suffered a torn ligament late that year and was out for most of the season, only playing eighteen games.


In the 2012-13 season, he has scored eleven goals in 20 matches. Felix scored the opener in a decisive 2-2 draw versus Dortmund SFC in October. He recorded his first brace of the season in a 6-1 thrashing of Cape Cross FC in November. On 14 April, he provided both assists to Carlinhos and Mario Hoever's goals versus former team Drenthe. There were rumours of him moving to another First League team in the winter transfer period, but Brunner extended his contract with St. Marks.

Brunner improved throughout the 2013-14 First League in one of his best seasons yet. He played in 23 league matches and scored fifteen goals, tied for his second-highest tally. He managed three goals in the WNFA Leaders League as St. Marks won the tournament for the fourth time. Due to an injury received during the World Football Championship in the summer, Brunner missed the start of the 2014-15 First League. He was out for the first months of the league and only returned to action as a substitute on 19 October 2014.

Rumours again surfaced of Brunner leaving the club and Mediterranean FC and FC Willemstad had shown interest in the player. It was widely believed that Brunner could leave St. Marks in the winter, with AS Cettatie from Cettatie and FC Donderar serious contenders.

AS CettatieEdit

Brunner ASC

In early January 2015 Brunner joined AS Cettatie on a loan deal until the summer of 2015. This deal surprised many, but now it was believed that a permanent transfer would be agreed upon in the summer. In 2015, his loan period was extended until December 2016. He is currently coached by Libertan Gerard Dekhuis and plays in the Championnat National in France alongside fellow Brunanter James Giggs.

Later yearsEdit

Brunner retuned to St. Marks in January 2017.

National team Edit

Brunner Brunant 2014 shirt

Brunner has been Brunant national football team's all-time top scorers and hold the records with 33 goals in 50 matches, surpassing Florian Evers' record of 32 goals from 1940. He has scored seventeen goals in friendlies and competitions since 2010. Brunner is a huge favourite of the national team, since he has been playing with Brunant for seventeen years. He scored his first international goal in 1999 against Ivory Coast in a friendly game.

Brunner is the only player who has scored goals in six different World Football Championship: 2000, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

WFC 2000Edit

In his first WFC tournament in 2000, Brunner was surprisingly given the call-up by coach Roberto Bracciale to go to Switzerland. His first appearance came as a substitute in a 4-0 win against Lebanon. His third appearance came in the final versus Trinidad and Tobago, where he headed in Dirk Schaertsen's corner to score the lone winning goal of the match.

WFC 2004Edit

Brunner was also selected for the WFC 2006 squad, but during training, he was injured and did not play in the tournament, apart from the match versus Ghana, where he scored Brunant's only goal.

WFC 2008Edit

Despite the tournament ending rather suddenly for Brunant (in the group stages), Brunner performed well and was one of the highest scorers. He scored the first goal in a 1-1 draw against the Netherlands Antilles and scored a hat-trick in Brunant's 1-3 win against Gambia

WFC 2010Edit

Brunner entered WFC 2010 as Brunant finished second. He scored the equalizing goal in a 2-2 draw with Cape Verde, the second goal in a 2-4 win over New Caledonia and the winning goal (2-1) against Slovakia.

WFC 2012 and afterEdit

Brunner only scored one goal in WFC 2012, versus Vanuatu, but he assisted four times. He scored Brunant's second goal in a 3-2 friendly loss to Belgium, and in 2013 he already has scored a goal against Libertas in a friendly. Brunner scored three goals in the WFC 2014 qualification. At the tournament, Brunner made his scoring debut versus Libertas, bagging a brace in a 5-2 win, taking him to top scorer for Brunant. In the quarterfinals against Lovia, Brunner was injured by an opposing midfielder and stretchered off. Brunner was out for four months. In 2015, he became a regular starter for Brunant after a recovery period.

Personal life Edit

Brunner Melker

Felix Brunner and Cristiane Melker

Brunner was made a Commadant of the Order of the Dragon after winning the World Football Championship in 2000. In 2009, he married Cristiane Melker, a well-known Brunanter singer-songwriter and actress. Melker gave birth to a son in 2014, Lucas, the couple's first child. The couple is considered by the media an important and interesting celebrity couple. They are living in Koningstad, but since Brunner's professional departure to Cettatie, they are half-time living in Cettatie. In a 2016 interview, Brunner informed that "living in Cettatie was more difficult for his family than he thought".

Career statisticsEdit

Club statisticsEdit

Club Season League Cup International
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
FC Drenthe 1999-00 5 0 1 1 - -
2000-01 16 1 3 1 - -
2001-02 22 9 7 3 - -
2002-03 29 26 5 2 5 2
Total 72 36 16 7 5 2
St. Marks Koningstad 2003-04 23 8 4 3 2 0
2004-05 25 12 5 1 5 2
2005-06 24 10 4 2 6 2
2006-07 29 15 3 2 3 0
2007-08 11 5 3 1 1 2
2008-09 19 10 6 4 7 4
2009-10 23 13 5 0 3 2
2010-11 27 22 6 2 6 3
2011-12 13 8 1 0 4 3
2012-13 20 11 3 3 3 1
2013-14 23 15 4 2 6 3
2014-15 6 1 1 1 3 0
Total 243 130 45 21 49 22
AS Cettatie 2014-15 13 8 2 0 2 2
2015-16 26 14 3 1 4 2
2016-17 5 2 0 0 0 0
Total 44 24 5 1 6 4
Career total 359 190 66 29 60 28

International goalsEdit

Goal Year Location Opponent Competition
1 1999 University Park, Grijzestad Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Friendly
2 2000 St. Jakob-Park, Basel Luxembourg Luxembourg WFC 2000
3 Letzigrund, Zürich Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
4 2001 Nationaal Stadion, Wikistad Libertas flag Libertas Friendly
5 2002 Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa, Quito Ecuador Ecuador Friendly
7 Koningstadion, Koningstad Flag of New Zealand svg New Zealand Friendly
8 2003 Petrovsky Stadium, Moscow Russia flag Russia WFC 2004 qualification
9 2004 North Beach Stadium, Kemburg City Ghana Ghana WFC 2004
10 2005 Arc City Central Stadium, Arc City SouthernArcIslandFlag Southern Arc Islands Friendly
11 2008 Koningstadion, Koningstad Italy flag Italy Friendly
12 Daugava Stadium, Riga Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles WFC 2008
13 Daugava Stadium, Riga Gambia Gambia
16 2009 University Park, Grijzestad Flag strasland Strasland Friendly
17 2010 Wikiborgs Fotboll Arena, Wikiborg Flag of Cape Verde Cape Verde WFC 2010
18 Pilhamn Arena, Pilhamn New Caledonia New Caledonia
19 Wikiborgs Fotboll Arena, Wikiborg Slovakia Slovakia
20 2011 Koningstadion, Koningstad Tunisia Tunisia Friendly
21 Koningstadion, Koningstad Andorra Andorra Friendly
23 2012 Carrington Park, Carrington Vanuatu Vanuatu WFC 2012
24 King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels Belgium flag Belgium Friendly
25 2013 Nationaal Stadion, Wikistad Libertas flag Libertas Friendly
26 King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels Belgium flag Belgium Friendly
27 Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna Flag of Austria Austria Friendly
28 Koningstadion, Koningstad Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus WFC 2014 qualification
29 2014 Stade de Kégué, Lomé Flag of Togo svg Togo
30 University Park, Grijzestad Bahrain Bahrain
31 Khalifa International Stadium, Doha Libertas flag Libertas WFC 2014
33 2015 Estadio Nacional, Lima Peru Peru Friendly

Honors and recordsEdit




2000 Brunant squad
1 Kunter4 Temple (c)5 Schaertsen3 Nord2 Lopes8 Mathisen7 Wittstein10 Zenadi11 Jordans9 Brunner70 Harlow10 Bates13 Cordoba19 Benley41 Versten23 Campdegall24 Stefan KamphuisCoach: Bracciale

2016 Brunant squad
1 Elteman2 Capels4 Marshall5 Lecaros6 Jamieson14 Nadir8 Jostens (c)16 S. El-Zein12 Marzouk11 Hoever10 I. El-Zein9 Carlinhos13 Giggs23 Losinger24 Brunner15 NabilCoach: Bergher

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