Eugen Sherman
21st President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Steven Dort
Succeded by Silvia Van Damme

Eugen Sherman (11 May 1920 - 29 July 1981) was a Brunanter politician who served as the country's 21st President, from 1975 until 1978. Perhaps the most infamous person to hold this position Sherman was involved in a row of scandals that resulted to his resigning.

Early lifeEdit

Born to a rich family of Sint-Hendrikstad, Sherman became a member of the White Party's Youth shortly before the World War II. During the Nazi occupation he made up a small resistance network frequently collaborating with the National Liberation Front, even though he was an anti-communist.

Political careerEdit

Sherman was elected a congressman in the 1962 General Elections. He gradually built the reputation of a hard-working, but tough politician. His popularity developed during the late 1960's and became the President of his party in 1970, taking over from Mark Wilson.

As PresidentEdit

Sherman was elected Brunant's president in the 1975 Presidential Elections. Although he managed to decrease unemployment, his political philosophy emphasised reducing the power of trade unions and the influence of the opposition. In 1977, the Finance Minister Hans van Hardeveld was involved in a bribery scandal (known as the Champagne affair), which much harmed the government and strengthened the opposition. Sherman's efforts to increase the indirect taxes further displeased the Brunanter people. Eventually corruption charges were placed on him and he resigned in April 1978.

Later yearsEdit

In 1981 he was sent to a hospital following prolonged sicknesses. In early July, it was announced that he would recover, but his situation worsened and died the morning of July 29.

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