Estelle Fletcher and the Palace Grand Band
Fletcher&Palace Grand
Album by Estelle Fletcher
Recorded 1958
Released 2 October 1958
Genre Jazz, latin
Producer Stereophone

Estelle Fletcher and the Palace Grand Band is a 1958 album recorded by Estelle Fletcher and the Palace Grand Band. The album features jazz and latin songs written by Fletcher, Ed Avon (of the PGB); other songs are covers of American Jazz pieces.

Track listingEdit

  1. Rhythm and Blues (E. Fletcher)
  2. Stardust (Carmichael and Parish)
  3. Mack the Knife (Weill and Brett)
  4. A Night in Puerto Rico (Fletcher and Avon)
  5. Saying "I Love You" (Fletcher and Avon)
  6. Quien Será (P. Beltrán)
  7. Around the Band (E. Avon)
  8. Someone like you (C. Robinson)
  9. La Playa (Fletcher and Avon)
  10. Dance Around (Fletcher and Avon)

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