Dramont was a Brunanter car company famous in the 1920s.

History Edit

It was founded in 1915 by Nicolas Dramont of Montpellier. He began building trucks and buses and outfitted the 1st Expeditionary force with trucks to use over in the continent. In 1921 Dramont shifted to producing sports cars with the Type 1. It remained in production until 1930 when the Type II was introduced. In 1933 they introduced the Type III, an extremely rare custom sports car. Only 9 of these V12 engined beauties were built and at a jaw-dropping £5,200 only 5 were sold. Personal troubles and debts forced M. Dramont to halt production in 1935 and the company was liquidated in February 1936. A famous owner of Dramont was the actor Joe Bertin.

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