Dortmund Cathedral, officially the Church of Our Lady of Dortmund, is an old church located in Dortmund. It was built in the mid-17th century. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a cathedral; the church was given the name "cathedral" in order to ameliorate its image.


Construction of the church began in 1648 and continued until 1660. The church suffered some damage in 1757 during the Franco-Brunanter War, but was never fully rebuilt. During the German invasion of 1941, the church was hit by a stray bomb and there was considerable damage to the interior. In 1942, part of the roof fell. Between 1948 and 1954, there was a massive restoration of the church and thousands of thalers were spent to fix it up. Our Lady of Dortmund has been restored to its original 17th-century look, aided by the discovery of some original plans in 1951.

The church is said to be the inspiration behind the Baroque St. Sebastian's Cathedral in nearby Koningstad Centrum.

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