De waarheid april 2013

DW: 10 April 2013

De Waarheid is a major right-leaning Brunanter newspaper based in Grijzestad. De Waarheid was founded in 1817 and is one of the oldest circulating papers in the country.


De Waarheid was founded in 1817 as a republican-supporting conservative paper in Grijzestad. The paper was censored and even banned by the royalist government under Ambroos I due to its attacks on the monarchy, but nearing the end of his life the king allowed it to freely publish, and the paper became more moderate in its criticisms.

DW became an increasingly far-rightist publication in the 1970s, while maintaining good readership, but changing political opinions in the 1990s saw a decline in circulation since then. The paper was considered to be more an opinion paper over a serious news read and lost ground to the more balanced Cape Times. A large reorganization and ownership change in 2011 saw the paper shift to a more moderate rightist stance to focus on better journalism and increase readership. Circulation is presently at around 76.000 daily.