David James Carrington
2nd President of Brunant
Term 1802-1809
Predecessor James Carrington
Successor Walter van der Ecke
D.J. Carrington sig

David James Carrington (1772-1821) was an Anglo-Brunanter politician and the second president.


Carrington was born in London to James Carrington and Andrea Zeller. His father invaded Brunant in 1784 and became its president. The younger Carrington joined the Royal Guard in 1790. He rose to prominence, largely due to his father's doings. In 1802 the elder Carrington was killed and David James was appointed president. A weak and terrible politician, he was slowly sidelined and was removed of his post in 1809. Carrington married Princess Victoria (daughter of King Ambroos I) in 1808 and had 8 children. He died in 1821.

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