David Andrade
Vital statistics
Name David Andrade
Sex Male
Born 13 August 1955
Spouse Maria Vello
Function Department of Defense
Home Koningstad, Cape Cross Parish

David Andrade (1955, Koningstad) is a Brunanter politician and member of the Christian Democratic Union. He has been minister for the Defense Minister in the late 2000s, previously serving as Deputy Justice Minister in the Jorgeson II government.


Andrade was born to Portuguese parents in the capital. He joined the Royal Guard and was with the military from 1974 to 1977, before entering the Royal University of Koningstad to study history and politics.

In 1979 he joined the Christian Democratic Union and campaigned for CDU candidates for a few years. Upon graduation he went to work for the Department of Defense. He furthered his political career in the 1980s by getting elected to to the House of Representatives in 1989, serving until 1994. After several years of holding important posts within the party, Andrade was re-elected to the house again in 2002.

Andrade continues as a member of the house and is an important figure within the government. In 2005 he was appointed Minister of Defense in the Darnley Government, in that position until 2009.