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Euro coins

Current coins in use

Brunant has used various currencies throughout its history.


Early CurrencyEdit


2 Crown coin, 1480

Upon independence, the newly-formed republic established a mint in Grijzestad (1433). They issued several 1-and 2 crown coins, but stopped minting them in 1439. When the Kingdom was created by Leuvis Van Damme, he authorized the mint to strike new coins bearing his image. Upon Leuvis' death in 1503, it was decided that the mint was too costly, so they shut it down. After 1503, several currencies, namely Italian Ducats and French livres were used.

Brunanter thalerEdit

10 thalers gold, 1571

10 gold Thalers, 1571

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In 1537 the mint began re-issuing coins (now called Thalers). These coins were official, but due to sporadic mintage the Spanish Dollar circulated alongside it until the late 17th century. Thalers were issued in various forms, as inflation led to them becoming worthless. In 1912 the first decimal Thaler was issued, and that remained in circulation until 2002.



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In 2002, Brunant adopted the Euro as the national currency. Brunant has its own obverse design, issued by the Royal Mint.